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Examples of print ads from magazines, direct mail, brochures and large scale graphics.
Print Brochures (PDF format)

A Home For Me, Inc.

No Other Place Like Home

Zenith Home Care, Inc.

Davis Adult Family Care Home

Motto Pharmacy

REM Divorce Brochure

Palm Beach Spine & Pain Institute Brochure

Dr. L. Gorfine Brochure

Redi Nurse Card

Capital Expenditure Campaign: St. Joseph's Episcopal Church(PDF format)

Christmas Insert

Newsletter #1

Newsletter #2

Main Brochure

Make Room Logo

Prayer Card

Devotional Guide

Commitment Guide

Commitment Card

New Home Sign

Boynton Beach direct mail
Direct Mail

Biological Controls
Trade Ads

Print Ad Layout
Print Ads

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Artists Association of Jupiter
Poster Prints for Artists Openings:
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David Kraft, Color of Light Oct. 2014

Embracing the Spectrum
Feb. 2015

Tia Crystal: Hope, Love, Now... We Are, Dec. 2014

The Art of Giving,
Nov. 2014

Equine Rescue & Adoption Foundaton
Nov. 2014

Hugh O'Neil Workshop
Plein Air Event
Feb. 2015