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No Time to Scream Illustration

September Eleventh Trilogy:

These images had their beginnings in personal angst (I'm an artist and that's one of the requirements). After the shock and horror of the events of Sept. 11. 2001, these images were fleshed out in my consciousness and seemingly took on a life of their own. The visual expression of my own feelings to this tragedy has resulted in these creations, done in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. In the first, at left,

No Time To Scream

I try to convey the surreal and profound unreality of what happened. My first reaction, like many others, was sheer disbelief.


These images are a permanent part of the collection

"Where There is Sorrow, There is Holy Ground",
A September 11, 2001 Anniversary Retrospective of the Long Island Studies Institute, a cooperative endeavor of Hofstra University and Nassau County.

These images are featured on
The Art Project: Artists Respond to Terrorism

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